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Up the Creek: Early Days in the Arthurs Creek District


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In 1862, Charles Draper and his friend John Ryder were the first to select land at Arthurs Creek in the Parish of Linton, Victoria. Other pioneer families quickly settled., and, as a tight-knit community, they weathered floods, fires and world wars.

Bruce Draper has collated the reminiscences, anecdotes and recorded histories of these pioneer families and their descendants in Up the Creek.

Today the Arthurs Creek community faces a new challenge as it seeks to retain its identity as a rural community close to Melbourne in the green wedge of the Nillumbik Shire.

Up the Creek is a window into the community spirit and achievements of former generations. This book is an enduring legacy to the families who were pivotal to the early settlement of Melbourne.

Author:   Bruce Draper



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