‘The King’s Reward – the life of H.W.F.B. Farrer’

By David G. Hay (2018)

This is a thoroughly researched, elegant analysis of the short life of a British Major Henry Farrer MC (1894 – 1918). A courageous and admired leader, Major Henry Farrer could have been forgotten, but for David Hay’s dogged investigation of this young soldier. Overlooked in a Melbourne auction house, David had discovered Farrer’s soulful portrait, as a 1918 Francis Edwin Hodge painting.
Major Farrer had been wounded several times whilst serving in Europe, and tragically was killed just days short of the Armistice. This book gives a quite personal insight into World War 1, relaying the exploits of Farrer and also some of the other heroes of the allied forces.

A fascinating read, in another stylishly presented ‘Tales from the Treehouse’ Melbourne publication.

Kathy Andrewartha, Greensborough 2018

‘Comfort for Every Sorrow’  by Bee Williamson

Thank you for your beautiful book. I enjoyed it immensely – the words, spiritualism and the art.  ~ Julie

I have read your collection! LOVE.  hink could be your best work to date. I especially enjoyed your poems about Carol, Gilli and Zula. Beautiful and inspired writing. ~ Christie

Just having a read of your poetry – it is truly inspired! and the colours are just delightful.  Rachel