First Armoured Regiment: The Story of the Centurion Main Battle Tank (ARN 169041)


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First Armoured Regiment

by Barry Hodges, compiled by Graham Munsell  (Note: price does not include post and package)

Barry Hodges was a Trooper, a Centurion tank crewman, with the Australian Army, 1st Armoured Regiment in Vietnam, whilst Corporal Graham Munsell was crew commander of Centurion Tank 169041 in that conflict. Both served with the regiment in 1969 and 1970.
A Centurion tank’s long Journey from the remote Australian atomic test site in 1952, to the jungle and paddy fields of South Vietnam in 1969, and finally tasked with holding ground in the 1st Armoured Regiment lines at Edinburgh Air Base in Adelaide, in 2018,  this is the profile of Centurion 169041 – The Atomic Tank. Serving as one of four tanks in Four Troop, and bearing the call sign 24C (two-four-Charlie) the tank was named by, and known to her crew as Sweet Fanny. The book is a beautifully served coffee table sized volume, with many original and beautifully restored photographs. It presents largely for those who currently serve as the officers and soldiers of the 1st Armoured Regiment but also for future personnel and researchers. It is of particular interest for those who served on 169041 during service rotation in Vietnam, be they dedicated National Servicemen or regular soldiers alike, and for those members of the three Armoured Cavalry Regiments who today are equipped with the Abrams M1A1 main battle tank. Likewise, it will interest  all those who are the caretakers of the Army’s Senior Corps and the legend and history of the Armoured Corps.

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